My name is Dick Robinson.  My wife Patty and I live in Alexandria, Ohio (about 20 miles east of Columbus).  She retired from Nursing about 20 years ago and I retired from my business management career a little over 9 years ago.

My primary hobby is writing computer programs and messing around with websites.  I'm self-taught and not extremely creative.  That's why this site is functional but not very flashy and eye appealing!

Patty is very crafty.  She paints, makes baskets and stamps.  She is very meticulous in all of her crafts. 



Retired life is great but you still have to have something to do so by becoming a Stamp dealer I "renewed" my career.  I get to do the website stuff, write computer programs and run my own little business.  And, I am able to give my wife a very good discount on the stamps she wants!

This is not your typical commercial website.  This is here for the PENNY BLACK fans out there.

So, my business is a hobby!  If I wanted to make money I'd become a Wal-Mart greeter.  The pricing is lower than most any site you'll find.  I keep them that way to help stretch your "stamping dollar".   I'm counting on YOU to spread the word about this site and help me keep costs down.


I now stock over 4000 different Penny Black stamps so I am able to ship orders complete the same day they are paid for. 

I'm open to suggestions on how to make my site more user-friendly.


The easiest way to place an order is to simply email your list to us along with your name & address and how you want to pay.  Or, you can use the order form on the website.


I accept Credit Cards, Money Orders, Personal Checks and PayPal . 


Red Rubbah

when  you place your first order and you'll get 10% off of that order

(Applies only to items not on sale)


I ship either by First Class Mail or Priority Mail - whichever is cheaper.  On orders under $ 25.00 ** I may add a 75 cent "small order" fee - Over $ 25.00 ** no handling fees are charged - you pay only the actual postage.

** on shipments within the USA. 

For international shipments this amount is $ 25.00 due to the additional fees charged for currency exchange.  Also,  International customers are responsible for Customs/Duty/Taxes on their orders.  Let me know if you have questions



Questions or comments, please email us!

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