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Starting with the 2008 Christmas Catalog, Penny Black compiled a listing (eCatalog) of stamps that they say will be discontinued when current supplies have been depleted.


They have created a buying frenzy that has them running 3 weeks behind.  I am sure it wasn't intentional but people are rushing to buy stamps that they are under the impression will soon be no longer available.  The fact is that Penny Black sometimes has thousands available and may well be a 4-6 year supply.

The truth is that they "MIGHT" be discontinued.  They will be coming out with a similar list when the publish their 2009 Spring catalog.

So, I have gotten Penny Black to agree to give me their supply count on stamps and they will tell me if indeed they will be retired.  I can only submit 10-20 stamp numbers per week for them to check.  So I will be adding more stamps weekly.

There are hundreds of thousands stampers out there and many of them are Penny Black fans.  I am trying to give my customers first dibs on those stamps that will VERY SOON be RETIRED by keeping you informed.

There is little doubt in my mind that someone could easily horde these and sell them on eBay at a high premium.  I have heard of Penny Black stamps going for $ 60.00 and higher.  Therefore, in an effort to be fair to everyone, I will not sell more than 3 of the same image (stamp) to one person.

These will go fast !!!

I am not buying all of them at one time so,

I may be out of them when you order

I am selling these at my normal low prices.

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